16th International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion
Saint-Malo - July 9-14,2006
The 16th International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion will be held on the "Palais du Grand Large" in Saint-Malo, France from July 9-14, 2006.

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Second announcement

Goals of the Conference

Previous symposia in this series have been held at intervals of about two years, starting in Berkeley, California, in 1976. The most recent ones were in Moscow in 2002 and in Princeton, USA, in 2004. The essential role of the symposia is to provide a forum among experts, in the fields of heavy and light ion drivers, beam physics, target design, fusion chambers, dense plasmas, lasers and their interactions with matter, and inertial fusion power systems. The goal is to stimulate further progress toward Inertial Fusion Energy production and basic understanding of associated science and technologies.
Accelerators are promising candidate drivers for energy production due to their high repetition rate and efficiency. This applies both to the RF linac and storage ring scheme pursued in Europe and Japan and the induction linac explored by the US community.
We also expect to critically access the PW-laser production of intense proton and heavy ion beams. A certain emphasis will also given to the ion production of strongly coupled and warm dense matter to comply with ongoing experimental programs developed at large institutions located in Europe, Japan, Russia and the USA.

Topics specifically highlighted

Summaries of Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion and other ICF fusion programs,
Accelerators, beam dynamics, beam transport and focusing,
PW-laser production of intense proton and heavy-ion beams,
Atomic physics, beam-plasma interactions,
Target and reaction chamber studies,
Production of dense and strongly coupled plasma targets, as well as warm dense matter, with ion beams,
System studies.

Important Dates

Abstract submission
March 3, 2006
Answers to authors
March 31, 2006
Reception of the manuscripts
July 14, 2006
Registration with reduced fee
before April 15, 2006
Final announcement and program
beginning of June 2006
Welcome reception
July 9, 2006

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