The papers will be published in the proceedings in a special issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A (NIMA).

In the case of a contribution, the length has to be at most 4 pages printed in the journal (8 pages for an invited paper).

The manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the standards of NIMA. Recent issues may serve as a guide for the reference system, figure and table captions, abstracts, quality of illustrations, etc. The manuscript should be delivered on paper as well as in electronic form, as specified in the NIMA instructions to authors: Give clear file names (with your last name). is a WORD template which can be used in order to estimate the length of the papers. For the papers produced in Latex, it is more involved. Try to not exceed 4 pages (or 8 pages), look at a recent issue of NIMA.

The manuscripts are expected not later than July the 14th. Electronic files can be sent in attachment to, or given during the conference.

The papers will be refereed. A paper which has been published elsewhere or is expected to be published elsewhere, cannot be accepted.

In case of a paper containing one or more coloured pages, there is a special cost which amounts to € 635 for the reproduction of the first colour page, € 318 per colour page thereafter (excluding VAT). These costs will be borne by the author(s) of the paper, who will receive 100 complimentary offprints.

All the participants to HIF06 will receive a copy of the proceedings, without extra charge.
25 free offprints of each paper will be made available, free of charge. Additional offprints can be ordered in accordance with the standard prices of the journal.